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Axolotyl Frozen Food Fish Fuel Co. 110g

Fish Fuel Co. Axolotl food contains everything your Axolotl needs for optimum health in one simple pack. It provides a staple diet containing essential protein from premium quality fish, molluscs and crustaceans. Our Axolotl food also contains a multi-vitamin and mineral formula.

Baby Turtle Frozen Food Fish Fuel Co 110g

The first year of carnivorous and omnivorous baby turtles. Nothing is too good for baby and that’s why we use nothing but the best, premium quality ingredients in our Baby Turtle Food to provide balanced nutrition and all the vitamins and minerals they need for optimum health and a great start in life. Fish Fuel Co. Baby Turtle Food is very finely chopped, making it easy for small turtles to feed and digest. Premium ingredients are specially selected to provide turtles with the types of protein they would normally feed on in their natural environment. In the wild, turtles will feed on molluscs, insects, small fish and crustaceans etc, and also graze on some plant material. Our Baby Turtle Food is also fortified with leading animal nutrition company Wombaroo’s customised multi vitamins and minerals formula, including essential fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9 as well as Vitamin D3 and calcium, essential for strong and healthy shell development.

Brine Shrimp Frozen Ocean Nutrition 100g

Whole live Artemia that were quickly frozen with our “flash-freezer” resulting in whole animals and a minimum of nutrient leaching into the aquarium water.

Cichlid Frozen Food Fish Fuel Co 110g

Larger carnivorous and omnivorous cichlids love Fish Fuel Co Cichlid Food. It contains chunkier pieces of selected top grade vegetables and premium protein from a variety of molluscs, crustaceans, fish and trimmed hearts. Fish Fuel Co Cichlid Food also contains spirulina algae to enhance the colour of your Cichlids plus healthy garlic and dietary fibre.  

Frozen Bloodworms Premium Gold Aqua One 100g

Aqua One Premium Gold Bloodworm is a healthy and nutritious diet for your fish. Conveniently packaged in individual cubes and in a 'mess free' punch out pack, it makes feeding time quick and easy.
  • Healthy and nutritious diet for your fish
  • Conveniently packaged in individual cubes
  • 'Mess free' punch out packs to make feeding time quick and easy

Goldfish Frozen Food Fish Fuel Co 110g

Fish Fuel Co. Goldfish Food is high in fibre and vegetable content while also containing essential protein from premium quality fish, molluscs and crustaceans.   This quality Goldfish Food also contains a multi-vitamins and minerals formula exclusively made for us by leading animal nutrition company Wombaroo. Astaxanthin, a natural colour enhancer, has been added to help your goldfish look their best. The small food particles are lightly bound with a binder made from seaweed to prevent food from flowing around the aquarium.      

Pisces Algae Wafer

Pisces algae wafers are suitable for all vegetarian and bottom feeding fish, providing a complete and balanced daily diet while also softening easily.
  • Suitable for bottom feeders and algae eaters
  • High levels of vegetables that provide the nutritional requirements for most bottom feeders and algae eaters
  • Enriched in vitamins and nutrients which promote health and vitality
  • Unique shape of wafers absorbs water and softens easily

Pisces Betta Pellets 30g

Feed your fighter fish and small-sized fish with nutritious Pisces Laboratories Pellets, which contain high levels of natural ingredients to promote colour in your fish. These pellets contain multivitamins, probiotics and amino acids to help the immune system and digestion.

Pisces Goldfish Flake

Pisces Laboratories Premium Goldfish Flakes are the ideal food for goldfish, boosting their immune and digestive systems and providing them with a balanced daily diet. They bring out the natural colour in your fish without any unwanted side-effects.

Pisces Goldfish Pellet

Pisces goldfish pellets enhance your fishs natural colouring while supporting immunity and a balanced daily diety.
  • Suitable for goldfish
  • High content of natural astaxanthin intensifies natural colour without causing any side effects
  • Added multivitamins, trace elements, probiotics and a variety of amino-acids to enhance immunity
  • Increases the digestion and absorption functions of fish

Pisces Spirulina Flake

Pisces Laboratories Premium Spirulina Flake is suitable for all fish, especially vegetarian, providing a complete and balanced daily diet. Added multivitamins and minerals, enhance immunity, increase the digestion and absorption functions of fish helping to reduce pollution of the aquarium.

Pisces Tropical Flake

Suitable for all tropical fish, these Tropical Flakes by Pisces Laboratories provide an all-round balanced diet and contain natural ingredients to bring out natural colour without side effects. With multivitamins and amino-acids, they boost immunity and balance digestion.