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Chipsi Snake Bedding

CHIPSI SNAKE was specially developed for snake professionals, in cooperation with highly regarded snake experts and zoos. The super-soft litter consists of ultra-fine softwood flakes, and so is particularly suited to encourage the snake’s natural nest-building instinct. In addition, CHIPSI SNAKE provides the best possible humidity management and so is also well suitable for use in moist terrariums. The dust-free and germ-free special litter has a pleasantly fresh scent and does not contain any etheric oils.

Reptile One Critters Comfort Course 20L

Critters Comfort is an all-natural, durable, anti-microbial, recyclable Coir Pet Care range from the world leader in value-added coconut products. Coconut coir has incredible absorbency that contains moisture and odour.Dust free bedding.

Reptile One Critters Comfort Fine 20L

Critters Comfort Fine Grade Reptile Bedding is made from all-natural coconut husk (coir), Critters Comfort is ideal bedding material for your pet. Soft, earth-like texture provides cushioning, insulation and comfort for your pet. 100% organise coconut coir is non-toxic, dust free and chemical and fragrance free giving you peace of mind knowing that it's safe for your pets and you too. It is suitable for all types of lizards, terrestrial snakes, arboreal snakes, turtles, tortoises, frogs and large arachnids.