Bunny Fun Tree

  • The original and best! A fun chew and scratch toy.
  • Made from pet safe materials including seagrass and corn leaf.
  • Hours of fun for our bunny!, Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and rats climbing, scratching, chewing, or just as a pet house decoration.
  • Easy to attract pet’s attention with bright color, promote interaction between pet and ours.
  • Size: 3.93×3.14×10.6inch / 10X8X27cm,Package Included: 1 x Pet Climbing Tree and 1 x Straw round basin.

Carrot Dream Catcher

  • Natural loofa and corn leaf hanging toy.
  • Fun for all small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.
  • Fun for pets to play with and chew.
  • 34 cm total length

Corn Rattle Rollers

  • Activity toys for small animals, especially those made of natural materials, have become one of our biggest success stories
  • we have created unique and innovative designs that appeal both to consumer and pet
  • our Play `n’ Climb Kits are glue-free wooden construction kits for smaller rodents and are supplied as four different designs in a shelf-ready tray

Jumbo Play Veg Carrot & Corn

  • Jumbo sized corn leaf play veg for pets to chew and toss
  • Made from corn leaf and rattan and coloured with pet-safe colours. Twin pack with each toy 21cm long
  • Ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs

Loofa Hoola

  • Natural loofa and corn leaf hanging toy.
  • Fun for all small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.
  • Fun for pets to play with and chew.
  • 23cm total length, 7cm dia

Maze-a-log treat challenge

Inspired by our Shred-a-log, the Maze-a-log takes assorted sizes of corrugated cardboard logs mounted on a thick 30 x 30cm board to create a boredom-breaking feeding challenge for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, and even ferrets.

Play Veg Carrots 6pack

Rosewood Boredom Breaker 6 Pack Mini Sisal Carrots are small sisal and dried corn leaf carrots – replacements designed for use with the small pet carrot play patch. Of course, the carrots can be used on their own too, great for bunnies and guinea pigs to flip, fling and fetch. Made of safe, lightweight materials and filled with beans to add a rattle as it rolls, the sisal surface is perfect for pets to pick up their toy!

Play Veg Flinging Fun Corn

  • Large-sized play veg for pets to chew and toss. Made from 100% natural materials, no glue, plastic or metal (and dyed with pet-safe colors)
  • Can be hung or left on the floor of your pet’s home
  • Fun for all rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus and rats

Woodies 3D Veg Nibble Stix

  • Just because all they are going to do is chew them
  • it doesn’t mean wooden gnaws cannot be fun and colourful – after all it’s not the pet putting their hand in their pocket!
  • Our gnaws will appeal to children and brighten any pet’s home and are designed for pets of all sizes

Woodies Caterpillar

  • Rabbits and rodents love, even need, to chew wood but your customers are also looking for attractive and innovative designs
  • Hanging products are especially popular and our Fruity Spinners and Rainbow Mobile will brighten any pet’s home and are also ideal for pet birds
  • For added fun slices of vegetables can be wedged between the wooden discs