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Check Valve

Stay safe with Aqua One Airline Check Valve! Easy and convenient to install so your aquarium can perform at its best! Ensure a check valve is used whenever an air pump is positioned at or below the waterline of the aquarium. Features & Benefits:
  • Easy and convenient to install
  • High quality!
  • Essential safety device

Cichlid Frozen Food Fish Fuel Co 110g

Larger carnivorous and omnivorous cichlids love Fish Fuel Co Cichlid Food. It contains chunkier pieces of selected top grade vegetables and premium protein from a variety of molluscs, crustaceans, fish and trimmed hearts. Fish Fuel Co Cichlid Food also contains spirulina algae to enhance the colour of your Cichlids plus healthy garlic and dietary fibre.  

Digital Thermometer Pisces

For aquarium use self-adhesive sticker thermometer, easy accurate readings with green colour showing correct temperature. • For use in aquariums • Easy accurate readings • Green colour shows correct temperature • Self-adhesive sticker

Frozen Bloodworms Premium Gold Aqua One 100g

Aqua One Premium Gold Bloodworm is a healthy and nutritious diet for your fish. Conveniently packaged in individual cubes and in a 'mess free' punch out pack, it makes feeding time quick and easy.
  • Healthy and nutritious diet for your fish
  • Conveniently packaged in individual cubes
  • 'Mess free' punch out packs to make feeding time quick and easy

Goldfish Frozen Food Fish Fuel Co 110g

Fish Fuel Co. Goldfish Food is high in fibre and vegetable content while also containing essential protein from premium quality fish, molluscs and crustaceans.   This quality Goldfish Food also contains a multi-vitamins and minerals formula exclusively made for us by leading animal nutrition company Wombaroo. Astaxanthin, a natural colour enhancer, has been added to help your goldfish look their best. The small food particles are lightly bound with a binder made from seaweed to prevent food from flowing around the aquarium.      

Maxi Internal Filters

  • Proven reliability and silent running
  • Completely submersible sealed motor, economical to run
  • Provides mechanical and biological filtration with high quality foam as media
  • Built in venturi aeration nozzle
  • Complete with suction cups for fixing to the side of the aquarium
  • 1.8m cable
  • 2 + 1 Year Guarantee

Mini Internal Filters

The Aqua One Mini Internal Filter range offers an effective biological, chemical and mechanical filtration solution specially designed for compact aquariums. Features and Benefits:
  • Fully submersible
  • Silent operation
  • Includes different outlet options including: Spray Bar, Duckbill and Venturi
  • Includes suction cups to securely fix the unit to the side of the aquarium
  • Includes carbon cartridge

Pisces Algae Wafer

Pisces algae wafers are suitable for all vegetarian and bottom feeding fish, providing a complete and balanced daily diet while also softening easily.
  • Suitable for bottom feeders and algae eaters
  • High levels of vegetables that provide the nutritional requirements for most bottom feeders and algae eaters
  • Enriched in vitamins and nutrients which promote health and vitality
  • Unique shape of wafers absorbs water and softens easily

Pisces Betta Pellets 30g

Feed your fighter fish and small-sized fish with nutritious Pisces Laboratories Pellets, which contain high levels of natural ingredients to promote colour in your fish. These pellets contain multivitamins, probiotics and amino acids to help the immune system and digestion.

Pisces Complete Water Conditioner

Use Pisces Laboratories Complete Water Conditioner for fresh and salt water fish tanks to remove harmful elements in the water such as chlorine and heavy metals. It's ideal when carrying out a water change and doesn't affect pH levels.

Pisces Establish

The Establish aquarium treatment is perfect for new aquariums, containing specially selected fermented bacteria that breaks down harmful ammonia, nitrogen sulphide and nitrite. It also contains microorganism species that inhibit the growth of nasties.
  • Contains a specially selected fermented bacterium, which breaks down harmful ammonia, nitrogen sulphide and nitrite
  • Helps form dominant microorganism species which also inhibit pathogenic bacteria and green water
  • Use when first establishing a new aquarium and whenever conducting a water change

Pisces Goldfish Flake

Pisces Laboratories Premium Goldfish Flakes are the ideal food for goldfish, boosting their immune and digestive systems and providing them with a balanced daily diet. They bring out the natural colour in your fish without any unwanted side-effects.